TDF Weight Loss Programme

Nov 21, 2012
Posted by: Ben

This is the most popular TDF Programme. We provide healthy, home-cooked, gourmet meals, delivered straight to your door, every single morning. We plan the caloric content to make sure you hit your personal health goals and you can let us know what you like and dislike to make sure you enjoy every step of the journey.

TDF Weight Loss Programme

This plan is designed to aid weight loss whilst ensuring you can still look forward to and enjoy your meal times. We offer high quality, gourmet food plans delivered to your door. We plan your calorie intake based on your personal situation and create an exciting food plan that will ensure you lose weight. leaving you the time to get on and enjoy your life.


  • Personally planned for you to reach your diet goals.
  • Low fat gourmet meals and snacks
  • Calorie intake of between 1200 and 1600 depending on your needs
  • Any allergies and dislikes excluded at no extra charge
  • Delivery available 7 days per week
  • Phone and email support from your specialist dietary advisor

Talk to a specialist between 9am and 21.00pm, 7 days per week on 020 8626 9360 or contact us anytime to order your weight loss programme.


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What do our clients say about their weight loss programmes?

“It may be Bank Holiday but after such a positive week in terms of food and exercise, I was up at 0630 desperately wanting to weigh myself to see if there was a difference. I knew there would be, as I don't look pregnant any more, but I didn't expect to see 173 pounds on the scale, when this time last week it said 180 - Well in the past week I lost SEVEN POUNDS. I want to swear!” 

Poppy Dinsey – Fashion Blogger and Journalist