The Total Diet Food Super Food Series: Chicken

Apr 23, 2014
Posted by: Ben

Reasonably cheap and incredibly versatile, it is no surprise that chicken is one of the most popular meats available. Nutrient-dense and tasty, eating chicken has a huge number of benefits.

As it has tryptophan, chicken raises serotonin levels (colloquially known as the ‘happiness hormone’), hence making one feel happier. Phosphorous improves the condition of ones bones and the selenium in chicken lessens the probability of arthritis.

Chicken is often favoured by athletes due to its lean protein levels and minimal fat (if cooked without the skin). Thus, chicken is a fantastic option for anyone looking to lose weight or simply eat more healthily.

As shown above chicken is a healthy option but that is not necessarily what makes it such a staple in many cuisines. It can be flavoured to suit most tastes and thus enjoyed by all. It is popular with children and low calorie.

Chicken has largely avoided the media scandal that other meats such as beef have been subjected to in the past few years and for a good reason. As long as it is cooked properly (to prevent salmonella poisoning), chicken is an almost risk-free meat choice.

In conclusion, chicken is a healthy, nutrient-rich and tasty option for meat eaters. At Total Diet Food, our meal plans often include chicken for these reasons.

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