Total Diet Food reviewed in the Metro Newspaper.

Jul 3, 2012
Posted by: Ben

Total Diet Food in the Metro Newspaper.

These are exciting times for Total Diet Food and the world is starting to notice

The Metro recently did a review on us and it really has begun to spark interest. It came out in the World’s most widely read free newspaper recently. The Metro’s Health and Sex editor, Vicky-Marie personally tried our food and wrote a really glowing review.

She wrote that she found Total Diet Food provided excellent portions and that the meals are delicious, well-seasoned and balanced so that her sugar cravings disappeared after just a few days and that she stayed full all day.

This is great news as it’s just what we want to happen. We believe that to truly change your lifestyle, people need to enjoy their food and feel content.

Although, Vickie-Marie didn’t have too much weight to lose, she still lost 2.5 Kg and says that her clothes are looser and her tummy is as flat as a pancake, so success all round!

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