Why Choose TDF?

Our belief is that a healthy balanced diet can alter almost every facet of your life and a Total Diet Food Plan is the easiest and most effective way to get those benefits.

So what can a Total Diet Food Plan do for you?

Feel lighter

Energy boost

The nutrients and minerals that form the core of your balanced diet will ensure you feel more confident and stronger from the outset. You won’t be wasting energy digesting processed foods, which your body struggles to break down into fat and instead of heavy carbohydrates that you may be snacking or munching on at the moment, our plan will provide you with slow release carbs that will make you feel stronger all through the day, cutting out the sluggish moments.

A lighter step

Weight loss is important to many of our clients and we personalise each plan to ensure your goals are met. As you lose weight you will feel lighter on your feet, a spring will return to your step and you will find yourself bounding up escalators and skipping across a road. Loads will become lighter and chores less of a stress and these benefits can happen within days of changing your diet.

Get the glow

We all know that healthy look, the glow that physically well people have. The balance of minerals, proteins and antioxidant vitamins within a Total Diet Food Plan will very quickly give you clearer, smoother skin, whiter whites of your eyes, strong and healthy nails and glossier hair.

Think Sharp

A diet full of the correct antioxidants and nutrients that you need will improve brain and nerve function. The Total Diet Food Plan is full of B Vitamins, zinc, magnesium and Omega 3 as well as being low in gluten which will mean you feel mentally sharper and on the ball.

Free up your time with a Diet Delivery Service

Think about how much time you spend, thinking about, preparing, shopping for and cooking your meals through the week. Total Diet Food has completed a study of how much time you can save on a Diet Delivery Service and there are some astonishing results. What will you do with all your new free time?



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