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A Total Diet Food Case Study

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons but luckily the flexibility and personalised nature of the Total Diet Food Service means that we can always assist.

We really get to know our clients over time, understanding and taking note of their likes and dislikes and altering their diet plan to make sure they achieve their health goals.

Madeleine came to us after reading our review in the Metro Newspaper. Madeleine is a Senior HR Manager for one of the world’s largest companies.  She is based in London’s West End and lives in Fulham with her husband and 2 school aged boys.

Being a successful exec for a big company is demanding enough, looking after 2 young children and a home as well means that Madeleine doesn’t get much time to think about or look after herself. When she contacted us she was 72kg, about 10 above her target weight. Her husband travels a great deal with his business and the children are at boarding school during the week so it meant Madeleine was cooking for herself. She told us that the problem was partly time, she was working late, and partly knowing what to cook for herself that would be low fat, healthy and tasty.

Unfortunately, Madeleine has some quite severe food allergies and this made it even more difficult and time consuming for her to plan her meals, she also worried that a Diet Delivery Service wouldn't be able to cater to her dietary requirements.

As each person’s meal plan at Total Diet Food is planned, prepared, cooked and packaged by one chef who is assigned to look after them, we could be sure to avoid cross contamination of the food types Madeleine is allergic to and with our experience of planning exciting and exotic meal plans, it meant that we didn’t have to compromise on the quality of variety of the food.

After 4 weeks on a Full Total Diet Food Plan, Madeleine has lost 5.5 Kg and can’t stop telling us how much she enjoys the food.

Madeleine said “I even forget its a diet, its just high quality gourmet food to me now and the fact that its healthy and I’m losing weight is an added bonus. The other great thing about Total Diet Food for me is that I have so much more free time. I don’t even think about shopping, cooking or preparing food anymore, apart from getting excited about what will be in my food package the next morning!”

We provide the Diet Delivery Service to Madeleine 7 days per week although some of our clients prefer just 5 days per week and the service is completely flexible.


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