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Midsummer free day giveaway

Midsummer, who's for healthy eating?

Its hot, there are so many BBQs going on, its hard to be healthy right? Not at all, with London's freshest, most personalised and most flexible diet delivery service, you can pause, restart or order a day without dinner, any time you'd like. As long as we know before 12pm the preceding day, we can adapt your plan to suit your social life.

What's more, we have a very special offer coming your way. Free food is never to be sniffed at, especially if its offered by a gourmet remote chef and that is exactly what we are offering - all orders of over 30 days received before 9pm on Thursday 7th August will receive 3 completely free days.

On a TDF Plan - we deliver fresh every day -
2 healthy snacks
Everyone is different and therefore every one of our plans is different. Order online here or call Ben 9am - 9pm on 020 86269360 to book and personalise your plan.

NB; this offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer.


Introductory Offer 5 days for only £135

We realise that what we offer is a major lifestyle change and deciding to start a Diet Delivery Service is a major step.

Once you begin, you know longer have to even think about your diet anymore. All that trawling through recipe books and supermarket isles is over. We plan, prepare, cook and deliver your entire balanced diet, every day, ensuring you reach your health goals whilst enjoying gourmet food on the way. All this worrying about whether you are eating right takes up a big part of our lives and a TDF plan can free you up to enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.   

To help you taste and understand what being on a TDF plan means in reality, we are offering a very special deal on your first purchase.

From experience, we know that a 5 day run really allows people to get into the habit of looking forward to their food on their doorsteps every morning. Of not having to run down to the shops, of not troubling yourself with all the contradictory and faddy diets that proliferate in the media and just get used to relaxing in the knowledge that you are having a full and balanced diet.

Total Cost - £135. Price per day of £27.00. A Saving of £49.95

For every new purchase as an introductory offer we can offer 5 days for the price of only £135. All you need to do is call 020 8626 9360 and ask about the introductory offer or quote 135offer  

Contact us 7 days per week on 020 8626 9360 between 9.00am and 21.00pm or via

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Refer a Friend to Our Diet Delivery Service

We offer our valued customers a free day if they refer someone to us.

All you need to do is tell your friends about Total Diet Food, if they order at least 14 days’ worth and state your name when booking with us, we will ensure that you get a free day whenever you choose. It’s really that simple.


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