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Personal Reviews of the TDF Diet Delivery Service

What do our clients think about their Total Diet Food Plan?


We are extremely proud that since we have been running Total Diet Food – 87% of our customers have re-booked at least once, most of them continue to enjoy their daily deliveries.

As we keep saying – we really pride ourselves on the quality of the food. We know that you just won’t change your lifestyle for the long term if the food is not something that you genuinely get excited about every morning.

A Diet Delivery Service is a big committment and enjoying the journey is what our fresh food plans are all about. 

So what do are current clients say about their Total Diet Food Plan? Here are some of the comments that we have had so far:


“Really enjoying the food Ben, I think it's very the meal ideas are great and have certainly kept my ‘hunger pains at bay.’”

Female – 28 years old. London Journalist. Looking to eat healthily more regularly.



“The food was lovely – thank you!”

Female, 25. Surrey based journalist – interested in trying new food ideas.

“Tuesday was nice and the Greek yoghurt – and the squash. This has been a very successful experiment for me because knowing food is always there has been so important. What a relief not to have to think about food - one of the banes of my life when I was a housewife, either planning it, shopping for it and cooking it seemed to take up so much time! I am convinced that many of us just eat absolutely anything because we are on the run all the time.”

Retired Professor – wanting to lose weight and fed up with cooking and thinking about her diet.


“Regarding feedback, the food has been excellent!  The only thing I was not too crazy about was the rice pudding snacks, it is a bit like the porridge, just not my thing.  Everything else was delicious and the fish with a funny name (Morley, Horley?) was just fantastic”

Business Executive in Fulham


“Food was lovely and delivery perfect.”

Business Executive in Hampstead


So, there you all go. Impartial advice to sign up today!


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