Best Chocolate Ganache Recipe : Easy, Dark and Creamy

Chocolate Ganache acts as the perfect icing for your cake.There are many variants around varying with regional tastes and ingredients.Here in this post we are going to have a look at the Chocolate Ganache Recipe popular in UK and Europe.By tweaking the base chocolate a lot of other variants can also be produced.

It is popularly used as a basis for Chocolate Truffles and mostly used for cake frosting, filling and icing.It is said to develop a outer crust with shiny centre on being cooled.


Which Chocolates to Choose

While dark chocolates are said to give the best results owning to large ratio of cocoa-solids, you can also substitute it with milk chocolate and white chocolate.You can also mix and match between the above variants to get something unique.

Chocolate Ganache Icing Recipe

Ingredients Required: Dark Chocolate/ White Chocolate, Double Cream.


1.First chop the chocolates into smaller pieces into a medium/large bowl.

2.Heat the double cream until it starts boiling.Take care that the cream doesn’t drip out of the vessel.

3.Pour the boiling double cream onto the previously chopped chocolate pieces.

4.Blend the mixture with hand or a blender till it becomes smooth and uniform.

5.Different cooling periods will result in different variants being produced.

6.Slight cooling will result into a glossy and smooth variant that can be poured onto a freshly baked cake.

7.Further cooling will result into a thicker variant which can be swirled and spread.

8.If you need to decorate your cake using a piping bag, then allow the mixture to cool completely so that it becomes firm.Whisk it so that it becomes light an fluffy.Now you can use it for decoration/frosting purposes.

White Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Just replace the dark chocolate with the white one to obtain a White Chocolate Ganache.

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