Total Diet Food

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I am happy that you found us. If you live in the UK and have come to this site to look for a way to get a healthy meal or the ingredients plus recipes delivered to your home check out these options.

Otherwise, or for more background on Total Diet Food please read below:

We are creating Total Diet Food with the aim to provide you with information on healthy food – and dieting options that will help you get to your ideal weight and fulfilling life. We will also put a strong focus on specific medical conditions that require a special diet such as diverticulitis / diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, and others.

As such Total Diet Food will provide:

  • General Information on Diets and Healthy Living
  • Information on medical disorders that require a special diet and dieting programs for such disorders
  • Healthy and nutritional food recipes
  • Reviews of dieting products

Over the next couple of weeks and months, you will see the content of Total Diet Food grow.

Let us show you the way towards a healthy life!