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To help you taste and understand what being on a TDF plan means in reality, we are offering a very special deal on your first purchase.

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A Glowing Review!

Reviewed by the Metro

The Metro’s Health and Sex editor, Vicky-Marie Cossar recently reviewed us, saying:

"The meals are delicious, well-seasoned and balanced so sugar cravings disappeared after a few days and meant I stayed full all day. Apart from breakfast, I never had the same dish twice. I didn’t have much weight to lose but my clothes are looser and my tummy’s as flat as a pancake.

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Total Diet Food are offering the chance that no right minded, foodie dieter, would want to miss out on - to Win a Free Day’s worth of delicious meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 2 Healthy Snacks, freshly cooked and delivered to your door.

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